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Records generated from university-sponsored events. May include agendas, publicity materials, and other documents presented or distributed at the event. May also include authorized photographic and audiovisual documentation. (Photographic and audiovisual materials will need to be accompanied by signed releases from subjects if they are to be re-used or retained for archival preservation.) Logistical and planning materials, which do not directly support a financial record, are transitory and can be disposed of when no longer needed. See Event Planning and Logistics Documents (GS 05008.001.18736) Financial records relating to events must be held for the retention period prescribed under the "Financial Management" section of this schedule. For event-related hold harmless agreements for both adults and minors, see the "Risk Management" section of this schedule. For adult event participant registration records, see Non-Academic Registration Records (Adults) (GS 01050.001.18442). Minor participant registration records must be kept under Child-Related Program Compliance Records (GS 01050.001.18382). For Children at Western compliance records for events or programs that include minors, see the records series Child-Related Program Compliance Records (GS 01050.001.18382).

Retention Requirement

Retain until administrative purpose served

Disposition after Retention

Transfer to University Archives for historical appraisal and selective retention as an archival record

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Disposition Authority Reference

GS 05009.0001.18396

Approved by State Records Committee

2021 August 04

Last Updated / Revised by UARM

2020 June 03

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