Informational Notifications/Communications

Who can use this?

All Offices

Record Description

Records communicating basic/routine short-term information (regardless of format or media used) that: do not document agency decisions/actions; are not used as the basis of agency decisions/actions; and are not covered by a more specific records series. Includes, but is not limited to: basic messages such as “Come and see me when you’re free,” “Call me back at (360) 555-5555,” etc.; internal communications notifying of staff absences or lateness (such as “Bob is out today,” “Mary is running late,” etc.), provided the appropriate attendance and leave records are retained in accordance with Leave Records (GS 03030.001.18405); internal communications notifying of staff social events/gatherings (such as potlucks, birthdays, fun runs, cookies in the break room, etc.) or of weather/traffic conditions (such as “Avoid I-5, it’s a parking lot,” “Take care – it has started snowing,” etc.); email delivery/read receipts, out-of-office notices, etc.

Retention Requirement

Retain until no longer needed for agency business

Disposition after Retention


Disposition Authority Reference

GS 50001.0001.18661

Approved by State Records Committee

2021 August 04

Last Updated / Revised by UARM

2018 April 09

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