Records Documented as Part of More Formalized Records

Who can use this?

All Offices

Record Description

Records where the evidence of the business transaction has been documented as part of another more formalized record of the agency which is retained in accordance with the current approved minimum retention period. Includes, but is not limited to: Data entry input records (such as paper forms, handwritten notes, etc.) that have been documented as records within agency information systems (such as databases) provided the original record/form (including any signatures) is not required as evidence or authorization of the transaction; Working/rough notes, voicemail messages, text messages, social media posts, etc., that have been memorialized/captured in another format such as a note-to-file, email confirming the conversation, speech-to-text translations, etc.; Automatically-generated email notifications sent out by agency information systems provided the transaction is captured as part of an audit trail; Raw data/statistics/survey responses that have been consolidated/aggregated into another record. Excludes: Electronic records (such as emails) that have been printed to paper; Audio/visual recordings of meetings covered by Meetings – Advisory (DAN GS 10015), Meetings – Governing/Executive/Policy-Setting (DAN GS 10004) or Meetings – Staff and Internal/External Committees (DAN GS 09009). Note: Electronic records need to be retained in electronic format in accordance with WAC 434-662-040.

Retention Requirement

Retain until verification of successful conversion/keying /transcription

Disposition after Retention


Disposition Authority Reference

GS 50012.0001.19343

Approved by State Records Committee

2021 August 04

Last Updated / Revised by UARM

2022 August 25

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