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Record Description

Records relating to the process of recruitment and selection of employees. May include: job announcements and postings; job description and qualifications; eligibility lists for specific positions; applications, resumes and test results; applicant profile data; scoring, ranking and selection criteria; interview questions and evaluations; background and criminal history checks; reference check questions and answers. Applications for hired employees should be held in their personnel files. Unsolicited applications must be held under Unsolicited Employment Applications (Not Hired) (GS 03022.001.18371) for 2 years after received. Certain types of searches (e.g., presidential searches) may create additional records that have either long-term or permanent retention. These additional records may include a report or narrative of the search process, marketing and promotion records, community and stakeholder engagement, meeting records, and applicant pool demographics. In such cases, these additional records should be saved as Records of Committees, Councils, Task Forces, and Other Bodies (GS 10004.001.18332).

Retention Requirement

Retain for 3 years after completion of recruitment/hiring process

Disposition after Retention


Disposition Authority Reference

GS 03012.0001.18404

Approved by State Records Committee

2021 August 04

Last Updated / Revised by UARM

2018 April 09